Micro High a brilliant success

The Season premier of Micro High, has been a hit with many persons praising it including myself.

The plot is wonderfully sublime for those with half a modicum of intelligence who recognise it as a brilliantly written piss take of North Korea.
It was indeed refreshing to see new faces such as Lewisham and Juclandia in the production and of course to see a story that revolves for once around the staff and the ever lovable Mr Vuldstein Molossia.

The 50’s sounding introduction music is of course a fitting testament to Siroccan culture which is heavily influenced by the 1950’s.

The episode had many surprising yet funny plot twists and turns and was all in all very enjoyable, the Zealandian Peoples’ Federal Film and Television Council (Zeelandienskt Folkets Federala Film och TV rådet) gives this production a 8 out of 10.

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