Opinion: Powersharing and Micronationalism, does it work?

Opinion by Their Majesty Håkon, King of Zealandia.

This is a subject to which I have some experience with, as I have over the years attempted various power-sharing or democratic means of governance within Zealandia, as well as observed it occurring in other micronations.

First of all we must also look at the top countries in the microwiki sector (also known as

TM King Haakon

TM King Haakon

the old guard), they are Sirocco, Wyvern, Austenasia, Zealandia, St Charlie and Renasia.

Of these countries we can tell that the first three are doing relatively well, with the fourth on its way back to prosperity, however that cannot be said for the last two.

St Charlie, once the glorious example of how to micronation, now looks pretty much dead, if it where a person it would be on life support in the hospital with the family gathered around.  Once upon a time I had considered requesting to join Zealandia into St Charlie, but now I probably would not integrate it into the Zealandian Federation if it where requested.

Since the current St Charlian government came to power with its powersharing, what has become of that once glorious nation? it has lost its way, the man who ran it with such passion seems to be off somewhere else, leaving the powersharing between the various factions, and what has become of it is little more now than a run in the ground little out fit hardly befitting of the name St Charlie.

The same was happening in Zealandia time and time again when I was sharing power with the Riksdag and a Prime Minister, the country was slowly grinding itself into the ground, lurching from one crisis to the next, with no concrete leadership.  Now that I have using emergency powers, suspended the Riksdag and increased my personal responsibilities within government, the nation’s lifeblood has roared back into life, like a V8 at Bathurst on race day.

If we look at our tory brother across the Tasman, Sirocco we can see what this means in terms of governance and the political survival of our states, Sirocco is ruled by one man, who although stuck in the atomic age has shown the path that needs to be taken if our countries are to survive.  Dr Daniel Anderson, the Siroccan Premier has shown consistently that, yes you can have your citizens and the cultural side of the nation, but to be a successful nation of the size of a micronation, you need to have that strong centralised leadership otherwise the whole shebang goes to shit as demonstrated by St Charlie and Renasia.

If we look outside of the MW sector, we see that countries like Molossia, Atlantium and even Hutt River all have the one thing in common, that is that strong one person rule that enables them to adapt, and ultimately survive.

If we look back at our senior countries, we see; Austenasia is thriving in the early history of Europe, Sandus is doing its socialist-Buddhist thang, Wyvern is delightfully anti European Union, Sirocco is still in 1957 and Zealandia has yet to leave the 80’s IKEA store, yet they all have something in common, that strong centralised leadership and its why they continue to thrive and survive.


Their Majesty Haakon, King of Zealandia and Grand Duke of the Zealandians, is the monarch of Zealandia, Editor of the Zealandian Guardian and a Zealandian Government Minister.
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2 Responses to Opinion: Powersharing and Micronationalism, does it work?

  1. gishabrun says:

    “as demonstrated by… Renasia.”

    How so?

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