Anderson eats puppy on a burger, refuses bacon!

Rathlyn, Sirocco.  Linda Nyborg-Ikeasson reporting.

Zealandian tourist Olof Olofsson, was shocked this evening when they where holidaying in the Siroccan capital Rathlyn and witnessed Sirocco’s Premier and all round ladies man Dr Dan the man Anderson walk into his local Googie Burgers restaurant after a long hard day of suppressing all left wing thoughts in Sirocco and ate a puppy on a burger whilst refusing to eat the complimentary bacon.

Olofsson, said to the Guardian or a man in a trench-coat that could have been a Zealandian or Lostislandic socialist spy “I had just, gotten off the tram and decided to have a delicious meal of quality 50’s atomic food at the burger shop, when in walked Ando, like he had all the pussy and owned the joint and he sat there and placed the Swedish puppy on the burger and ate it, but the truely horrible part was that he refused the bacon, Im scared for life I tell ya mate”. Olofsson then set his tenticled hair on fire and ran around screaming stuff in Swedish until the Siroccan authorities sent him to the fruitcake farm.

Lostislandic Ambassador to Sirocco comrade Lavrentiy Blackberia said “Da! now is tha best tiem to invadings Sirocco for communism and postal services”.

Zealandians reacted angrily to the alleged incident by throwing handbags and empty film containers at the Siroccan embassy and accusing Anderson of being a dirty right wing panninihead.

The Ambassador from the USLSSR said in a press statement “Dude wut, he like ate a dog? like dude he must be blazin’ it.” the ambassador then proceeded to light a join and eat all available food in the embassy.

In a statement, the office of the Premier denied the allegations, stating that “Sweden is known for embracing leftist ideas. Consuming a Swedish dog would go against our anti-Communist principles, therefore there is no basis to these allegations.”

The Swedish Prime Minister could not be reached for comment, due to not being able to follow the simple IKEA directions on the flatpack media kit, that he brought for 22kr.

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