There is something wrong with the community

TM King Haakon of Zealandia, editor.

There is something wrong with our little community or sector, and no its not just Microwiki’s financial difficulties.

To quote Siroccan premier and all-round nice consie, Daniel Anderson;

If even Jacob Tierney has noted there is a problem with the community and has left as a result, surely this should set off alarm bells that our community is going off the rails.

In my head the alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear, and when I give the problem my full attention I see why.

I remember back when I was a idiot micronationalist and the community shunned me, laughed me out of town for the Olof Olofsson affair (I still wish I had that wig, so ZVT could have some comedy fun), but back then the community was much more than a silly argument about communism or race and which one is supposedly superior (protip: none is).

More than that we acted like diplomats, very shitty diplomats, but diplomats never the less, nowadays we have what? a pretentious GUM and the community with essentially no spirit left, now I know the old days had some shitty periods and people (Lethler and Aldy).

But it seems to me that the community has derailed at high speed and we are just looking at the jumble of train carriages strewn across the tracks.

We have people who like to play pretend USSR and they can’t even god damn spell Lenin right.

We have people who have taken the Norse gods as their own, corrupted their names and even claim the most ridiculous and stupid things, such as “slaves” and “adopting” other minors and generally acting like ham-fisted morons who are so thick that the light god damn bends around them.

What we as a community need to do is sit down and have a nice little chat about all this and sort our shit out.

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