SÄPO issues security alert

The Zealandian Security Service (SÄPO) has issued a security alert this afternoon as it has become apparent that Zealandian online assets had been attempted to be breached a spokesperson for the the Ministry for State Security said to Zealandian Guardian.

This follows unwanted and unsolicited mail arriving for the King today through an Australian postal address, from a person considered by the ministry as a threat to state security.

The Person in question, a Mr Mark Fowler, also known as Mark Bobssen has since last year held Zealandian General Socks Alexandra captive in a location unknown.

The Ministry for state security recommends not talking to the above individual and changing all passwords and pin numbers if you feel something not quite right is happening with your accounts online and offline and to exercise caution when out and about.

If you have any information please contact SÄPO via the email address: statesecurity@zealandiagov.info




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