King swears in new Prime Minister

This evening at a celebration in a trendy bar in Kensington, New South Wales Australia

The King shakes hands with the new PM

The King shakes hands with the new PM

was held as King Haakon formally appointed The Right Honourable Count Alex von Berger and Thingavik as Prime Minister of Zealandia.

von Berger and Thingavik is able to speak to some degree Swedish and Afrikaans in addition to her native English.

The count also makes Zealandian history as the first female to be appointed to the post of Prime Minister.

The celebration was attended by the new Prime Minster, King Haakon, the minister for Culture Baroness Carot Mävik and member of the Riksdag Sir Daniel of Dronningstad.

Popular drinks, in Zealandia such as vodka and cider were served alongside punch and a smorgasbord of foods popular in Zealandia for a bar setting.



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