New Government Branding not a hit with foreigners

Today the Zealandian Government formally unveiled its new wordmarks.

The idea brought up by His Majesty the Grand Duke was to update the old logos and other wordmarks which differed across the various Zealandian Government agencies and departments with a modern and unified wordmark that would be recognised immediately as that of the Zealandian Government.

Minister for Health and Peace Dr Joseph Puglisi, said that the new wordmarks where modern and slightly resembled those of HM Britannic Government.

Former Prime Minister and current St Charlian politician Marka Mejkhansk also added his approval saying that the logo’s where “very cool” and agreed that they looked professional.

However not everyone was impressed, with Siroccan Premier Anderson saying of the designer “Tahoma/Verdana, you absolute fool.” and Sandum leader William Sørgel and former Amagan political Luke Alberschine preferring the older logos.

The new wordmarks are bellow:

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