Riksdag Opened By Her Majesty the Queen

Tonight the Zealandian Chamber of Deputies (commonly known by its Swedish name, The Riksdag) was formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen. Attended by various members including the Prime Minister, Queen Astrid opened the

Queen Astrid during the speech from the throne

Queen Astrid during the speech from the throne

proceedings by officially summonsing the members by banging the black cane on the door to the chamber. Queen Astrid then rose and delivered her speech from the throne in which she said she had great hopes for Zealandia as it approached it’s 5th anniversary and had elected its first democratically elected Prime Minister. Prime Minister Dylan Grönsson then rose and delivered a reply to Her Majesty’s speech. Her Majesty then moved a motion that confirmed the Riksdag approved of her decrees between sessions. Anna Lindström the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture then took the floor moving a motion that condemned Australia’s Human Rights record (you can read the motion here).

Prime Minister Grönsson in the Riksdag

The Riksdag passed the act unanimously after a stranger was invited by Her Majesty to have her views heard by the chamber on the matter. Lindström then moved amendments to the Criminal Code and for the passage of the Zealandian Watch Act, both of which where spoken to by the Minister for State Security. Both acts passed. On the advice of the Prime Minister, Her Majesty suspended the Riksdag until a moment of her choosing.

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Formateur Appointed

Following today’s election Her Majesty Queen Astrid has appointed Their Excellent

Hugely popular and possibly the next PM?

Excellency The Right Honourable Lord Dylan Grönsson QA QD KWC KCZL KCRS KCOZ , the Duke Grönsson (IND), who is currently the Minister for Health and the Environment, Human Rights Commissioner and Marshal of the Realm as the Formateur of Government.

The position of Formateur is a relativity new concept in Zealandian politics and is borrowed from both Dutch and Belgian politics, the job of the Formateur is to form a group of people for whom the Queen can then appoint to the Privy Council and its cabinet subcommittee, essentially forming a government for Her Majesty.

The word itself is of French origin and means someone who shapes in that language, used in the Dutch and Zealandian sense it means someone who leads the formal talks to forming government.

Grönsson has already hit the ground in this task by opening talks with Alternative!

Lindström is in talks with Grönsson

(Alternative! Party of Labour and Independence) leader and current Minister for Foreign Affairs and Society, and Minister for State Security The Right Honourable Commissioner Anna Lindström QA QD EQD ZWD who is also member of the Zealandian Watch over possible inclusion of Alternative! in the Grönsson led administration.

Grönsson has been a runway political success since they began their political career in Zealandia earlier this year, having come from an activist background, they have provided something of a fresh breeze into the body politic of the Commonwealth.

Their rise has been rapid starting off as Human Rights Commissioner, followed by appointments as Minister for the Environment and Health and then appointment as the

very first Marshal of the Realm in Her Majesty’s court, their rise has been in a way mirrored by their partner General Ax Rödsson of Her Majesty’s Civil Guard, who successfully pulled off Operation Tyr earlier this year.

Grönsson’s victory also is a possible signifier that party politics is could be on the way out in the Commonwealth with his personal popularity way ahead with the Zealandian people than the popularity of either the Moderate Party or Alternative!.


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Election results come in

Tyrshavn, Denton Canton

Her Majesty Queen Astrid annoucing the results.

Her Majesty the Queen has announced the results of the advisory election on the Prime Minister.

The results come in at:

Sir Pingu Pikaviksson (Moderate Party): 33.33%

Lord Dylan Gronsson (Independent): 66.67%

The results having just been announced it is expected that Her Majesty the Queen will ask the winner to formulate a new government and act as her Formateur until August the first where upon she will appoint the new Government.

It is expected that Lord Gronsson will make a statement later tonight.

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Countdown to the Advisory Prime Ministerial Election

New Ystad, New Scania.

The countdown to the advisory election for the Prime Minister has less than 24 hours to run before the polls open at 11:00 AM Zealandian Time (10:30 AM AEST).

In a poll conducted by the Zealandian Guardian showed that out of the two contenders incombent Sir Pingu Pikaviksson (Mod) would lose to Alternative! endorsed indepdependent Lord Dylan Gronsson by 80%.

The election which has is a two horse race between the two politicans has seen Lord Gronsson’s popularity leap head following the conclusion of the crisis in New Scania, which saw Gronsson’s partner take a leading role in the Zealandian Defence Force.

Although the election is an advisory for the Queen on to whom she should appoint as Prime Minister it is expected that she will appoint the winner and that the Chamber of Deputies which is due to meet in late August will pass a motion of confidence in Her Majesty’s Prime Minister.

The polls are expected to close around 5PM Zealandian time tommrow (22nd), with Her Majesty to appoint her Prime Minister on the 1st of August.


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Queen issues writs for election

Tyrshavn, Denton Canton.

Her Majesty the Queen last night issued the first electoral writs since 2012 for Zealandia, in the Australian city of Melbourne.

The election is to advise Her Majesty on whom she should appoint to the Office of Prime Minister of Zealandia and Chief Minister of Denton Canton.

There are currently two contenders for the position; Sir Pingu Pikaviksson PC QD KCZL (the incumbent) [MOD] and Lord Dylan Grönsson QA PC QD KCZL KCOZ , the Duke Grönsson (currently the Minister for Health and the Environment) [AU GRN/ALT! endorsed].

This election could potentially break the so called Pink-Blue-Green coalition that has governed the country since the glorious restoration of the monarchy.

The election will be held on 22 July and the winner may be appointed on 1 August.

Sir Pingu was unavailable for comment as was Lord Grönsson.

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New Era For the ZDF!

Just weeks after appointing the now famous General Ax Rödsson to chief of the Zealandian Army, Her Majesty the Queen has dissolved the Royal Zealandian Navy, the

A Zealandian Defence Force unmanned aircraft

A Zealandian Defence Force unmanned aircraft

Air Defences and the Army.

In a surprise move The Queen decreed this morning in Tyrshavn to merge the three component units into one, this unit is called Her Majesty’s Civil Guard (Se: Hennes Majestäts Hemvärnet), and according to a statement by the Queen reflects the ZDF’s more ceremonial role.

It is noted that Her Majesty immediately promoted General Rödsson in the position of chief of the Civil Guard whilst she has taken on responsibility as chief of the Zealandian Defence Force.

Her Majesty the Queen.


The Zealandian Guardian spoke to former Zealandian General now turned St Charlian politician Marka Mejhansk who said the following

[It's] Very progressive and positive. Its a well laid out set of plans that allow for practicality.

In your [Her Majesty's] position I’d have done the same and were I a [serving] Zealandian general officer I’d have no issue with implementing the decrees.

Her Majesty also spoke to the Zealandian Guardian regarding the new arrangements for the ZDF, Her Majesty had the following to say

These reforms will see Zealandia’s defence abilities centralised whilst giving us a flexibility that we didn’t have before and they also reflect the ceremonial role that the Zealandian Defence Force plays and has, as Zealandia does not really believe that it should engage in war.


I am also very proud of the legislation that I created that continues to allow persons with a disability to serve from the start to the finish of their service period, this is a world first and something I and the ZDF are extremely proud of, it puts us in progressive terms streets ahead of any other defence forces, especially the Australian Defence Force, the other major military presence in this region of the Australian continent.


Prime Minister Sir Pingu Pikaviksson also added his two cents worth on the Queen’s decree

its getting interesting now, much more than before!

The Zealandian Guardian couldn’t reach General Rödsson for comment.

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There are some untruths about Zealandia out there

So it has come as a surprise to the Zealandian Government that there has been a large amount of mistruths about our little country.

  • Instability: This one seems to be the most pervasive of the mistruths, yet we have had stable governance since March 2013 with our current ruling coalition of Greens, Alternative! and Moderates being led by Sir Pingu Pikaviksson since November 2013.
  • Constant constitutional changes: This is often linked to the first one, however since the Commonwealth came into being there has only been two minor amendments to our constitution, one regarding the flag and the other the title of the Queen, hardly a massive change to the constitution and most definitely not a new constitution every five minutes.
  • Political turmoil: Again this is simply not true, the whole constitutional set up of the Commonwealth simply doesn’t allow for this, and the ZDF is loyal to the crown along with Her Majesty’s ministers.
  • We pull stunts all the time: This is simply not true as has been the case since the restoration of the crown, the NSS situation has been a political flashpoint for quite sometime here in Zealandia and we are glad a solution has been found.
  • The GUM: Zealandia’s Foreign Policy has been the same surrounding the GUM since we left that organisation, we will not have anything to do with it, we reject its role and will not be subject to its jurisdiction.

Her Majesty the Queen also issued a statement in relation to the cutting of diplomatic ties between Wyvern and Zealandia, which although slightly strained at times where considered by Zealandia as quite friendly and solid.

This is quite an odd event considering that Wyvern has known our foreign policy towards the GUM. It is also worrying that this went this way before any other diplomatic channels where gone through, nor was it ever discussed to any Zealandian official. We and particularly myself feel offended and hurt by this back stabbing and the allegation of stunts and erratic behaviour, we have stood by Wyvern despite their Prime Minister’s often incendiary comments.  We also ask the Wyvernians why did they not come to us like friends if they had a problem rather than issuing public statements out of the blue.

-HM Queen Astrid.

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